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Heraldry Shield Templates by Kingda-Ka Heraldry Shield Templates by Kingda-Ka
** so...many...templates... #dies#** Superhero, Pub banner, Fancy and Polish shield shapes added.

**HEY LOOKIE!!** There are a few more flag shapes in the works, some nice ones too!! Also - go check out the Flag templates; what's a flag but a rectangular shield, after all!!!

**AND YET MORE!!!** Spanish- and Portuguese-esque shields!!

**EVEN BIGGER!!!** And now there are Roundel and European-esque rectangular shields!!! Yay.

**BIGGER AND BETTER UPDATE!!!** Now we have Oval and Jousting templates - lots more ordinaries and a few more stuffs!!

**UPDATE** Added the Pily template - lots of triangles. Added information about officiality and shield shapes.I present to you a large collection of blank, easily-editable heraldic shield templates for amateur heralds to have a go at creating a shield for themselves.
There are over forty designs for each of two different shield shapes, one for the sirs (shield) and one for the ladies (lozenges). Included is hopefully every standard Ordinary design and plenty more; all templates can easily combined to create exactly what's in your head.
Included are vague instructions on the shield designs and the standards used - colours, the Rule of Tincture, advice on Charges - and a brief introduction into a damn fun and useful thing to play about with, especially if you're like me and can't find anything else on the Web that can help!!
I hope the templates work for you. Thanks!!


The templates I've provided are not intended to represent any particular country; they are just very basic 'shields'. The lines are easily transferable onto other shield shapes that actually do represent countries, like those square ones with a point, the rounded-bottoms, ovals or those weird twirly ones used for jousting. I can't (be bothered) to draw those so do it yourself if you want something more like German or whatnot.

Also if, after you've played around you like what you've done, I advise if you want to go further you take it to your country's general heraldry organisation to see if they can help you; I'm here just for those who can't or don't want to fork out thousands for some toffee-nosed git to draw something you could have done yourself, or if you need something for fiction. Despite what folk say heraldry is not copyrighted (way too old!!); you can play with it as much as you damn well want, and nobody can stop you (look up 'Burgher Arms' for a technical term) - unless you start wanting to make it actually official and recognised.

Created in MicroStation V7.1 and Paint. If you find a discrepancy in the designs (I'm only an amateur, far from official) please tell me but ONLY if you have a good source to back you up.

FredTheCloud Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2009
Used your templates to make this
FiveTigers Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009
Thank you! Just what I was looking for.
Was looking for heraldry resources to help make an avatar =]
Kingda-Ka Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2009
I'm glad to be of service!!

And just a heads-up; I recently moved so I don't have the web at home just yet, but when I do I'll be making an update.A couple more shield shapes and a sprinkling of new ordinaries...
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